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I wish you a very lucky 2019 full of good news, amazing events and positive changes. I'm starting this year with a new shop and a new carrier. I hope you will like what I make because I just LOVE to work at the bench and create new designs. And I believe that things which are maid with such love will have a happy life with their owners and will bring them only good vibes.

Please note: I take orders only during the first two weeks of January. From January 20 and until April 1st I'll sell only One Of A Kind pieces and pieces which I have in stock. I know it's kinda weird to go for a vacation for two months right in the beginning of my new life as a jeweler, haha, but I was working really hard for last 6 months on what I have now (and at the same time still working full power on Mooncoocoo Paper Dolls). I need to catch some winds and find some supplies for my Paper Dolls in Philippines and I will be back in Bali in April with a sketchbook full of new ideas!

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