Lisbon, Portugal


I consider myself as a highly creative silversmith passionate about making things with the best tool ever - hands. Born in coldest inhabited region in the world (Yakutia, Russia), escaped to the equator for amazing 16 years, moved to sunny side of Europe recently. Grew up in a big family of artisans: wood/bone/ice-carvers, painters, graphics and illustrators, knitters and tailors. Art and handmade have always been my life environment.


  • Jewelry design and production from idea to ready-to-wear
  • Papercrafts
  • Photography
  • Web-design, HTML, CSS
  • Graphic design and digital illustration
  • Tongue rolling


Autumn 2022  Participant of Paris Fashion Week and Finalist of Milano Jewelry Week
2017 - present Silversmith at MaterialMaya Jewelry
2011 - 2018 One Woman Show at Mooncoocoo Paper Dolls
2007 - 2015 Travelblogger and photographer at
2004 - 2010 Freelance photographer and illustrator
1999 - 2005 Web designer and webmaster at Sinet Group
1978 - 1999 Restless child and useless student


  • None in arts and crafts. All self-taught.
  • Diploma in economics and taxation issued by North-Eastern Federal University (don't ask).


  • Interviewed by ALROSA magazine
  • Published in the FaB Catalog by Artistar Jewels (Milano Jewelry Week)
  • Published in Coronart limited book by LudvigRage
  • Interviewed by Etsy as a featured seller
  • Published in several Russian medias as a photographer and illustrator.
  • Interviewed by dozens Russian medias as a travelblogger, photographer and paper dolls maker.


  • Lucid dreaming (pretty good at it)
  • Kitesurfing (not bad)
  • Freediving (level 2)
  • Conscious life (pretty bad at it)

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions! I would love to hear from you.